Image Four’s Technical Service Team is comprised of skilled prepress operators with years of experience assembling graphic files, insuring strong colour management, and thorough knowledge of graphic-oriented native applications.

Under contract or pay-as-you-go, Image Four will profile our clients presses, and supply colour managed plates and digital proofs on demand in the event of workflow or device failure.

Our plates are thermally imaged, and baked to insure peak performance in even the most demanding press-room conditions.

Service contracts are available upon request.
Under contract or pay-as-you-go, Image Four will field help calls (24x7) and dispatch expert technicians to resolve device or software failures within hours (in the GTA) for the following equipment / RIP brands:

Image Four can also provide equipment/software installation services on a flat charge or hourly basis.

Service contracts are available upon request.
With years of experience operating Scitex/Creo/Kodak and AGFA workflows, Image Four understands how to get the most from these systems, and we know the tricks and work-arounds that only experience can provide.

From a practical standpoint, having an experienced operator/trainer on-site translates into real production and consultative learning that traditional webex training or off-site training can not achieve.

We offer three day, five day and two week on-site training programs for the following workflows:
Image Four has been producing profiled CtP plates for 5 years, and because we supply so many press-rooms, we have seen numerous variations in terms of press manufacturers, printed substrates, inks, etc.
If you are considering a stronger press-room colour management process, give us a call. We would be happy to provide you with an objective opinion regarding your current or planned press consumables choices, and a roadmap for better overall printing performance.

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